Our ethos

Creating an environment to enable life-long learning

We endeavour to give students a safe and protected personalised space in which to function and thrive.

We nurture our students' natural propensity towards creativity by considering their personal and collective expressions.

We encourage critically thinking.

We aim to inspire students to aspire to achieving excellence in all their endeavours and to not accept mediocrity as a benchmark.

We integrate decolonisation and indigenous sources of knowledge into our learning and teaching programs.

We place emphasis on Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence (moral and ethical codes of conduct).
We  give our students an alternative to the mainstream educational system.

Our teaching strategies and methods provide our students with 1-on-1 personalized tuition, to achieve their goals and objectives.

We steer away from the educational approach of a "one-size-fits-all".

Our Featured Courses

Grade R - 3  Foundation Phase

Grade 4 - 6 Intermediate Phase

Grade 7 - 9 Senior Phase

About our tuition center

WizIQ offers parents and learners with an alternative approach to education as we know it. The WizIQ approach is to firstly break the shackles of colonised education and adopt an agile approach to teaching, by timeously adapting to the way the student learns as opposed forcing a student to learn through the “one size fits all” approach, which is predominant in most of our learning institutions.

WizIQ focuses on understanding how a student learns best and adapts a teaching method to best suit the learner. Teaching students “how to learn”  is a key objective, equipping them with skills for a successful future. 

The WizIQ “Flipped Classroom” approach is an example of how challenge the status-quo. This paradigm shift in the how we teach and how students learn is geared at building the foundation of how teaching and learning should be evolving for the future.

Leveraging digital teaching and learning technology is fundamental in aligning to the way our students learn today. The adoption of a gamification and robotics makes learning that much more exciting and interesting for the learners of today, in the hope that they will enjoy a life long journey of learning.

FET tuition

At WizIQ, we have qualified tutors who are subject-matter experts.  We offer after school one-on-one tuition and Saturday classes for grades 10-12

Current averages
Grade 4 - 9







Natural Science and Technology

Social Science


Our Tutors

Awaatif Patel

Awaatif Patel BSc (Mathematics and Chemistry) (UJ), Hons (Chemistry) (UJ), MSc (Chemistry) (UJ) (current)

Kalu Chimdi Mang

BSc (Microbiology)(UNICAL), MSc (Agriculture)(UNISA), Mathematics Teaching Certificate (FET Band)(UNISA)

Sauligha Domingo

BA(film and communications)(UJ), Higher certificate (marketing communications)(UNISA)

Fatima Domingo

Bachelor of Arts (UNISA)
Bachelor of Education (UNISA)

Aa'isha Domingo

BA General (Wits), BSc Hons. (Wits), PGCE (Unisa)

Imaan Seedat

Second year law student (UNISA)

Bahia Docrat

Entrepreneur and Experienced tutor

Shaheed Domingo

Sociopreneur, Technopreneur and seasoned mentor

Rozaan Edwards

BA Humanities (UJ)
Currently completing PGCE (post grad certificate in education) (WITS)

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