Fatima Domingo

WizIQ Learning Academy Founder and Principle

Bachelor of Arts (UNISA)
Bachelor of Education (UNISA)

Fatima Domingo has been an educator for 15 years.  She has taught across a variety of curricula and has a passion for education.

She decided on a home school curriculum for her daughter and soon learnt the benefits of alternate education streams.  This inspired her to open the center and she has never looked back. 

Community projects, pursuits and passions:
The Gift of Support
SOH - Sisters of Hope
Muslim Women's Movement of Southern Africa
Friends of Justice
E-Wadi (Environmental Advocacy Group)
PSA - Palestine Solidarity Alliance
SAKAG - South African Kashmir Action Group

Fatima Domingo tutors the Foundation Phase.

Awaatif Patel

Awaatif is currently studying towards her Masters in chemistry at the University of Johannesburg. She has completed her Honours in chemistry-Cum Laude and she has been tutoring at Wiziq Learning Academy for the past 3 years.

She is an experienced tutor as she has been tutoring privately since 2015.  Her majors were in Mathematics and Chemistry.

Awaatif is a hardworking, self-motivated, tenacious individual who is keen on developing new skills and contributing towards the future of her students. She is a very enthusiastic individual who is able to grasp concepts quickly and easily.

She specialises in Mathematics and Physical Science. 

Kalu Chimdi Mang

Kalu grew up with the love for imparting knowledge to the youth. He obtained a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Microbiology in 2006.  In 2015, he obtained a distinction in a FET Mathematics Certificate course from University of South Africa.  In 2017, he obtained another distinction in his master’s study (Master of Science in Agriculture) from University of South Africa with many publications.

Presently, he is finalizing his PhD program.

Mr. Kalu has been teaching since 2006. He is talented in teaching learners of diverse grades with profound results. He has taught learners in different curricula including Impaq/Sacai since 2018 (about four years) with good results from the learners.

His method of teaching his learners is centered around the learners needs and he prefers a focused teaching approach that allows the students to display their talents.

Kalu tutors Mathematics, Mathematics Literacy and Life Science

Bahia Docrat

Bahia is a seasoned tutor, who has been at WizIQ since its inception in 2017. She has 6 years' experience teaching English and Afrikaans from grades 1 to 12, across the GDE, IEB and Impaq syllabi.

She has an impeccable work ethic and strongly believes, especially as a South African, that the education of our youth is key to overcoming past injustices, and equip them for purpose-driven full lives.

"Aside from the curricula, I hope to impart the importance of honesty, kindness and a sense of self on the young minds I am fortunate to have in my care."

Bahia also tutors Economic Management Science, Business Studies.

Sauligha Domingo

Bachelor of arts in Film and communications at The university of Johannesburg (2018)
Higher certificate in Marketing communication at UNISA (2020)

Sauligha has been a tutor at WizIQ since 2018.  She believes that WizIQ creates a space for children to learn in their own way, without the restrictions that mainstream schools offer.

Sauligha tutors Natural Science and Technology, Creative and Visual arts and Life Skills.

Imaan Seedat

Imaan is currently studying a law degree at Unisa.

She is sociable, measured, hardworking and driven.

Imaan is passionate about human rights, justice and equality and she feels that in an environment such as ours, an important way to attain this is to educate the minds of our youth - and that is what she hopes to achieve, over and above teaching a curriculum, at WizIQ.

Imaan tutors English, Technology and History 

Aa'isha Domingo

- Bachelor of Arts majoring in English and Geography
- Bachelor of Science Honours in Geography
- Postgraduate Certificate in Education specializing in English,

Aa'isha comes from a family of teachers, so there was no shortage of inspiration for her in relation to how much of a difference a good teacher can make in someone's life.

Being at university inspired her passion for the subjects she teaches but it was through tutoring that she found her calling.

"Being a tutor means getting to have a career that renders a service to humanity and getting to be part of a community of individuals who are constantly encouraging each other to be better."

Her goal is to inspire young minds to be curious about their world and to want to use their knowledge and skills to contribute meaningfully to it.

Being a tutor at WizIQ is like being a part of a family. She loves the bond she has with all of her students and she is always surprised by how uniquely intelligent and creative they all are.

"The best part about teaching here is the support I get from my fellow tutors. We take a collective responsibility for all our students and I can always count on support from the WizIQ staff." 

Social Sciences and Geography for Senior Phase (grade 7 to 9) and FET phase (grade 10 to 12)

Experience tutoring Grades 1 to 12 and first year university since 2015 (6 years) 

Aa'isha also tutors English.

Shaheed Domingo

An accomplished intrapreneurial, techno-management, agile leader, with over 35+ years of experience in ICT, predominantly within the financial services, medical administration and education sectors.

Shaheed coached and mentored many individuals from junior interns into senior leadership within various organisations. He firmly believes that we have an obligation and responsibility to coach and mentor our youth to becoming future leaders our country needs.

Shaheed passionately pursues creative alternatives to level the playing fields in Education. The legacy of apartheid education still plagues us today, with colonised education still sadly, deeply seeded in our current curriculums. Steve Bhiko once said, “the most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed”. This statement has never been truer today the world over. The so called “super powers” are in control of what and how people think. Teaching our youth how to think and critically analyse is a key starting point of decolonising education.

Shaheed tutors Information Technology and CAT

Rozaan Edwards

Rozaan has completed a degree in Humanities and majored in English. She is currently completing a PGCE at Wits.

Being a tutor for the past year at WizIQ Academy has been an extremely rewarding experience for her. 

Rozaan is extremely hard working and dedicated to reaching the goals that she sets out to achieve.

She takes pride in the work that she puts out into the world and she hopes to leave her print in all of her students' hearts.

“Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are all noble pursuits, and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.”
-John Keats, Dead Poets Society.  The reason why Rozaan fell in love with English.

Rozaan tutors Social Science and English

+27 82 825 9681